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“wua y3 s3 foose ataade, wo b3 k) nnso k) t) hw3 nansa na apa eee “APARA”.(They are like used clothing, they look nice, but they do not last) You might have heard this song blaring through your speakers when you turn your radio sets on these days. “APARA” is a new hit single released a few weeks ago by the one of the fastest rising singers in the Wa Municipality. The song also features one of the region’s biggest acts: Young Gally. Gaining some attention in the Upper West Region his unique way of singing and his silky and soothing voice, people now want to know who Aztonish is.

Kelvin Salia Danumbo Newton is known in the showbiz circles as Aztonish. When asked why he chose the name “Aztonish” he said that he as an artiste, has the ability to stun or surprise people, in other words to “Astonish”. The spelling with the “z” though is creative thinking and personal branding he added. He was born in Wa in 1994, but has also been staying in the Brong Ahafo Region where he signed unto the music label “Checki Hw3 Music.” Speaking in an exclusive interview with ECHOSOUNDZ.COM, Aztonish revealed that his first song was a contemporary gospel song titled “Things will never be the same.” Touting himself as a versatile act, Aztonish has released some dancehall, highlife and Afro-Pop songs.

As an alumnus of the Gilberto Music Academy, Aztonish knows his way around some instruments, particularly the “guitar.” When asked who inspires him in the music circles, he named “Akwoboah.” You might notice the resemblance in their voice and choice of words if you listen to them both.

Although having auditioned for the Mtn Hitmaker Series a couple of times, Aztonish divulged that he has not been able to make it far enough in the series due to reasons he could not share. Answering questions on how much it costs him to mix and master the songs he records; he said that though it might differ as different producers charge diverse amounts. He noted the amount is quite substantial. The “APARA” hit maker named one “Dosted” as his financier. The “fly with me” singer said he and his label are working assiduously on his album which will be released in the coming year all things being equal.

Aside music, Aztonish has talents in hair grooming. This he said he does for fun when he is not in the studio records new songs. The “maafie” singer explained that he hardly visits the Barbering Salon these days because most of his time is spent in the recording booth. The singer disclosed that his biggest and wildest dream is to collaborate with Noella Wiyalla also a native of the upper West Region now making headlines across the globe. This he believes will help push his brand forward.

“APARA” is the first song that Aztonish has released on the Upper west Region. With his current song “APARA” still number one on the playlist of DJs in the region, the singer is not giving listeners any chill, as he has released yet another soon to be hit single with the Rap Sinner “Gally”. They call this one “Gbetee Nwinaa,” produced by FerdiSkills Aztonish revealed he is currently working with Fat Phlamez who is also an upcoming act and also with the Waali Van Damme: “Stunner” to release more hit songs for the lovers of good music and his fans.

Written by: Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith

Facebook: Kwasi Ahumah Smith



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