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Four months into the year and already it looks like award schemes in the region are going to have a lot on their hands. I say this looking at the number of hits songs that have already been released. These songs are not only from the usual names we know, but there are some new faces in the music industry giving stiff competition to the older ones. 2017 is looking up for most artistes already, with some enjoying more than one song receiving massive airplay.

The “King of Upper West” Raphius Amingos travelled to Tamale to work with Maccasio to release “Champion,” back home he released “Daula Porgo.” Although the song “Champion” is still on the down-low, “Daula Porgo” is played in the radio stations, through the market, to all the pubs in the region.

Gamebwoy “Nwaaii” seems not to be letting up as his song “Ngama” is receiving massive airplay he has released another titled “I Vielang” featuring One9ra from Tamale.

El Twist travelled to Accra to work with Gachios to release “You too Fine.” Now this track “swerved” most music pundits because El Twist is not known by for his touchy-feely songs. In a recent interview, he explained that this is to show his versatility as a rapper.

Known for the mantra “if rap is a sin,” Gally has also released a number of songs like “Guy Guy boy, De One” which are receiving commendable airplay.

Berima Ojay also seems to be prepping himself for a good year as his tagline “Ohemaa tia su ma y3nk)” is spreading like wildfire. He earlier released “Aboki” with Raphius and has recently dropped another song “Nnugna Gaay3n.”

Another rapper whose relevance is rising rapidly in the music industry is Stunner “di3.” Still riding on the fame that his track “Sombo Daa” brought, he fired shots to other rappers in the region earlier this year, making the claim to be the best rapper in the song “King of The Rappers.”

Wiz Malik also refitted Tekno’s popular song “Pana” calling it “Pana the Waali version.” He also worked with one of the country’s finest upcoming rappers Koo Ntakra on the track “Ungrateful.” Kritiz released “Slow Down.” Other artistes like Sypa, Jackstill, Xtreme, Aztonish, Phlamez have all dropped singles which are receiving commendable airplay.

Two artistes who have “stormed” the music scene in the Upper West Region and seem to be captivating everyone who listen to them with sheer skill and talent is SM Ranking and Badda. SM Ranking worked on “Big it Up” with Raphius. The song which shot the upcoming dancehall act to fame is receiving a lot of positive acclamation from listeners; therefore giving other dancehall acts in the region a run for their money. Badda on the other hand is an upcoming rapper. He earlier released “guy guy champion” and has recently released “Ninja” a song already looking like a hit.

We are not even halfway into the year and already, all the artistes are looking to make names for themselves by releasing fierce tracks. As I pointed out earlier, awards schemes will have a lot on their hands this year.

Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith


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