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Low publicity for UER Music; Who is to be blamed, Presenters, DJs or Artistes?

It has become necessary to add my voice on the raging debate as to whether any artiste in the Upper East Region merits a VGMA nomination or to the extreme, award. Monitoring social media after the “Northern Star” Fancy Gadam of Gadam Nation was crowned the “New Artiste” of 2017, controversies emerged questioning the criteria the VGMA Board used in arriving at that decision. This debate has now transcended to the UER both among artistes and Presenters as to whether any artiste for the time being could have also made it to the VGMA like Fancy.

Anyway, let’s forget the pull him syndrome and applaud Fancy Gadam for making the North proud for the first time wining the 18th VGMA New Artiste of the year.

But let me set the record straight, the answer to the question as to whether any artiste from the UER is qualified for a VGMA nomination to me is a “BIG NO!” My reason is that, they still have a lot of work to do. Most of these artistes do not have the home support due to one reason or the other. I say this without malice but I challenge anyone who thinks contrary to organize even a gate free show at “Akayet” for one or even three of the artistes and record the number of people that will attend and compare it to Fancy Gadam alone staging a show in Bolga. This trend in the region is either attributed to the failure of artistes or DJs in the region to promote their songs.

Ironically, I can say without apology that the UER has the most talented artistes and eloquent DJs/Presenters in the three Northern Regions. But why are Artistes in the region not selling?

Let me tell you why ;

For starters, in this region, the relationship between these artistes and DJs /Presenters is parallel not because there is cold blood between them, but most of the artistes do not understand the industry they are into hence, they don’t know the role of these DJs to them .

They don’t have personal DJs for shows so they flop during shows.

They are reluctant to create a cordial relationship with radio DJs to help promote their music though most of them can’t pay “payola.”

Egoism and rush for fame: this is one of the major reasons these young talents aren’t flying in the UER. Most of them feel to be worshiped even after releasing a demo. This has actually dwindled public support following their public deportment. Perhaps Yussuf Bouda may have soething to add.


But I know the tremendous work guys in the industry like DJ Aluther, Akunsike Martin, DJ Phatbone, DJ Lexis, Apana, Moses, Coxson, DJ Ki, Amaale, Desmond, Nsobila, DJ Viruz and a host of others can do to promote music in this region but how do you expect them to rather chase you for your songs as an Artiste after only recording in your studios?

It would serve most if artistes stop whatsapping their tracks and rather present them in person because, they’ve not reached there yet and they don’t buy credit for download!

So blaming DJs for the mess in the music industry in the UER is misplaced.

Do not be discouraged because the Artistes in Tamale aren’t in anyway better than you but they understand the industry better and that is why they are making waves . So for you to be like the Fancy Gadam, Maccassios, S.K.Y the Tamale Boy, Don’t Sigli, Double Tee, Nandos, One Naira

* building on your home support base

*Produce good lyrical content

*don’t be in the rush to release tracks and fame

*Build cordial relationship with industry players and be humble.

I acknowledge the hardwork by B-Win,Hustler,Rodical, Show Bouy, Don Max, Rap Pastor Akantiah, Freebody, Ras Worms

,Rock City Empire, Sarauta, Soorebia, Auggy Santiho, Rap Nab, l Ishmeal Pumi.

With these guys, there is future for music in the UER. Put in more hardwork and you shall get there!

Written by: Hasslar


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