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One thing that distinguishes a good DJ from a great DJ is the choice of music he or she plays, how fluid they are and how well it communicates with the listening audience. Basically everything about a DJ boils down to the selection of songs. One DJ who has been known for his impeccable and flawless selection since his high school days at the T.I Ahmadyia is DJ Selector. In an interview with ECHOSOUNDZ.COM DJ Selector, whose real name is Musah Hamdallah explained that his “flow” behind the console even during his high school days earned him the name Selector; a name which he has now appropriated to himself and classically branded making him one the finest DJs in the Upper West Region.

Having been a professional DJ for the better part of ten years, DJ Selector started out his career with Radio Fids now Ultimate FM; the campus radio of the University for Development Studies, Wa campus. At Radio Fids, he hosted the drive time show when the students were out on vacation and was mentored by DJ TJ. After about a year or so with Radio Fids, DJ selector then moved on to Wap Fm also spending a number of months there. DJ Selector then finally moved to Sungmaale Radio where he currently hosts the station’s brunch time show.

Musah Hamdallah who holds an HND in Accounting from the Wa Polytechnic disclosed that he has always had passion for the art of DJing. He acknowledged that starting out as DJ was not easy for him as DJs were not given much respect. Although things are not entirely what they should be; DJ Selector said gradually, the industry in the Upper West Region is getting to a better place. He also spoke about the lack of right equipment and tools for DJs in the region. Selector has revealed that he as a DJ is working hard to get his own high functioning equipment to help him make a better DJ.

DJ Selector who is looking to be the best and the top DJ in the region is also looking forward to crossing the boundaries of the region and possibly the country as a whole. He also debunked rumors that DJs in the region are not up to the task that is why they do not make it to such awards schemes. He said that is because they have not had the exposure; he explained that now that they are beginning to get the exposure they need, they are going to be able to go toe to toe with DJs across the country.

DJ Selector who is an ”all-round” DJ enjoys playing hi-life with AB Crenstil being his favourite artiste. He also advised young and upcoming DJs to learn the trick of the trade well, learn on the job and also learn from people who have being in the game for a longer period. Selector revealed that he is still working hard to build a much bigger brand and expand his knowledge in the art. DJ selector urged all his listeners and fans to vote for him as he stated categorically that he is the best DJ in the category.

Written by: Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith

Facebook: Kwasi Ahumah Smith

Email: nkbodua@gmail.com

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