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Raphius’ Xmas Splash, El-Twist’s Invasion Concert, the Kobine Festival and George Kliff Sala Bash in Burkina Faso; all these show and more have one name in common; DJ Faabu. Known for his great mixing and selection, DJ Faabu has over the years become a household name in Nandom. In the run up to the Rush Ghana DJ Awards, caught up with DJ Faabu to speak to him on his profession as a DJ and his expectation from the awards scheme.

Some celebrities do not pick their own names, they adopt the names their fans call them. Such is the case of DJ Faabu. Speaking to in an exclusive interview, DJ Faabu whose real name is Salifu Subur explained that his father was a diehard Kotoko fan. The alias of Kotoko as is popularly known is “Faabu” and from there people started calling him “Faabu;” a name he disclosed that he didn’t use to like at first but with time, he realised that it was what people like and know and so he decided to finally embraced it. DJ Faabu who started his career in DJing some ten years revealed that he does not only deal with the music aspect of entertainment but, he also does a lot of sports. DJ Faabu is a product of the Lawra Senior High School after which he went to the Tamale school of Hygiene.

Starting out as a sounds boy, DJ Faabu gradually learned the trade and then moved to the KG Spot in Nandom to be their official DJ. After spending sometime there, he got the opportunity to work with Radio Freed where he has been since 2011. DJ Faabu is the host of the station’s flagship entertainment show as well as their sports show. In the area of sports, Salifu Suburh as run commentary at the Kobine football gala finals in Lawra twice and has also been the MC fir the Kobine street carnival twice.

DJ Faabu said although the industry in the region has improved and is getting better, there is still a lot that needs to be done as the right machines and equipment needed to facilitate a  DJs work is absent in the region. He also  lamented that although DJs in other regions seem to be doing well, it is not as lucrative a business for people in the Upper West Region. DJ Faabu has had nominations in the Echo Sounds Music Awards and the Upper West Music Awards. He disclosed that a fan filed his nomination for him in the Rush Ghana DJ Awards and then he received a call and underwent an interview. He said after a few days, the nominated list came out and he realised his name was part.

DJ Faabu says he has high hope of winning the best DJ of the Upper West Region and entreated his fans and listeners to vote massively for him. Before ECHOSOUNDZ.Com left DJ Faabu he advised DJs and artistes to stick together. “I just have to say that artistes and DJs are bed fellows and we have a growing industry and I think there should be healthy competition and therefore we need to put all hands on board to build the industry and to my fans they should keep texting,” he said

Written by: Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith

Facebook: Kwasi Ahumah Smith



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