Saturday , May 25 2019


To whom it may concern

Dear Sir,


I am going to write this letter from a personal perspective because I am a very sentimental person who is tired of seeing his fellow journalists, media men and broadcasters being reduced to nothing every single day. This is done to us for doing what? We try to expose the rot in the system, we try to blow the whistle on activities that have not been done right, we journalists as a collective body want nothing but a thriving society where officers who are put in public offices are open and transparent and have the mental fortitude to lead the people where they are supposed to go: in the right direction.

It breaks my heart anytime something like this happens. Remember Baffour Gyan’s assault on a media person, Stan Dogbe’s assault on another journalist and then recently we also saw the video clip circulating of on camera man being hustled because he wanted to get a shot of the president? We do not live in an uncouth society where diplomacy has been thrown to the dogs. Now few days ago it emerged that one Imoro Ayaana who is the secretary of the MUSIGA here in Wa has assaulted a presenter with Sungmaale FM. So what heinous crime did Derry Gee commit warrant such an act of barbarism? Derry Gee like any other entertainment apt journalist in the region, wanted questions answered about the activities of the MUSIGA. Now for a long time, this branch of MUSIGA had been reported to be a corrupt and mismanaged institution and for me, Derry Gee bequeathed onto the Union, a platform to totally debunk all unsubstantiated claims and doubts from the people’s mind and also an opportunity to come clean on certain activities of the union. Did Ayaana do this with the golden opportunity give him? No instead, he spat in the face (figuratively speaking) of the presenter and the radio station. Imoro Ayaana is one of the most respected artistes in the region, been doing music for a while now and has some awards to his name. An artiste of such a calibre I think, should have known better than to let his anger get the better of him and allow his anger to impair and cloud his judgement. There is a saying that goes like “anger never solves anything, it only makes matters worse” and for me that is what happened. Most people blame the media for character assassination, but Imoro Ayaan has managed to hurt his brand himself. After this altercation, we have not heard from the artiste, his management or the Union he came to represent. This act of cowardice by a single person has managed to reduce the whole Union down to the dust. Now I do know that there is going to be a lot of hullabaloo around this letter. There is a culture of silence and the “Fa ma Nyame” (Give it to God) syndrome in the region. People like to keep matters like this under wraps, because of the fear that it will ruin someone’s image. For me I think that Imoro Ayaana did that by himself. I am not going to keep my mouth shut about this issue because if it happened to Derry Gee, it can happen to anyone else.

Before I end this letter, let me say that I sympathise with Derry Gee, I feel his pain and that I can assure him that he is not alone in this situation. Now let me state here categorically that, this is not the end of the MUSIGA issue. Lawyers have this philosophy that, to win a case, you have to press where it hurts most, because that is where the real issues are. This makes it clear that the Union has a lot to hide and so this issue has not been laid to rest yet. We will pursue this issue; we will get the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Imoro Ayaana himself again to answer issues that pertain to the Union. They were voted into office to serve a purpose and we will see to it that that purpose is fulfilled. MUSIGA is not supposed to be run in the dark. So I urge the MUSIGA chairman to avail himself and his other members for questioning because I will be contacting them soon. Imoro Ayaana should make himself available and render and unqualified apology to Derry Gee (the apology we must not compromise on) for the barbaric act meted against him because I believe that no matter what a journalist asks you, you have no right whatsoever to lay a finger on him, you do have the right though, to choose not to answer the question.

Yours Faithfully,


Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith


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