Thursday , May 23 2019

The NEA awards night was in full action on the night of the 1st of April. The second edition of the awards scheme was a much anticipated one, as it sought to award players in the music industry, the movie industry, the sports section and also bloggers who together, form the entertainment industry in the three regions of the north. Like any awards scheme, participants filed nominations and when approved they had to be voted for to win the various awards.

The night of the awards saw some of Upper West’s greats mount the stage and give patrons a night they would remember for quite a while. The king of the North and the pride of Upper West also known as the darling boy; Raphius Amigos gave a thrilling performance. The “Nwaaii” man Gamebwoy, as he usually does gave a sterling performance on the night. Hamtizer and Phat Phlames mounted the stage to represent the Upper West. One artiste who is steadily becoming one of Upper West’s most sought after and also making her name as the name when it comes to female rappers in the region; Phat Phlames, she performed at the UDS SRC week in Wa and the went on to grace the stage in Tamale. She has two singles “:can’t block my shine” and “broken heart” but sources reveal she is in the studio working on a third.

The NEA Artiste of the year for the Upper West Region went to Gamebwoy who had a good run in 2016. Things seem to be looking up for the hit-maker as he is currently enjoying massive airplay with his new song “Ngamaa.”

The NEA Song of the year went to “Lilaafi” a song which reigned supreme for the better part of 2016 and deservedly won the award. This award makes it fifteen for Raphius, still the most awarded music personality in the three regions of the North. The “lilaafi” singer is not letting up as he has already released “Daula Porgo” which is receiving massive airplay.

The award for the Female Vocalist of the year in the Upper West Region went to the sweet and sultry singer Suntama; whose voice for a while now has been representing the region in other places.

The NEA overall presenter of the Year was brought to the Upper West Region by Original Ice who works with W Fm.

The Award for the overall Sports Presenter of the year went to Ishmeal Mubarak of W Fm. Wa. Being arguably one of the finest sports journalists in the country, he also is affiliated to the multimedia group and won a similar award at the maiden edition of Siltra awards in Wa last December.

The NEA Radio Station of the year award was picked by W Fm with Kambaabio picking up the Best Movie Producer of the Upper West Award.

The NEA awards was largely a success but like any other awards scheme, has encountered some backlash. The Upper West Region also fell short in terms of representation in some categories. The best of wishes to all the winners; better luck to all the non-winners.


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