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MY GAME EXPERIENCE I started this game experience a couple of months now. I had to get interested in it because of some reasons. I love

I started this game experience a couple of months now. I had to get interested in it because of some reasons. I love to play football but hardly will you see me on the pitch practically. Playing it on my laptop still gives me the joy as I get to display my skills in the game.
I started this whole thing without any practice as in training, patience and strategy. In my mind, I wanted to win my first game as an amateur. I was very aggressive in getting results within the shortest possible time. My first match was really terrible, I was just pressing any keys on the game pad. It made me very furious and impatient but the move I got furious, the more they were hitting my net with more goals.For continuous one week, I was getting same results as in defeats upon defeats. In one of the games, I asked myself why I was getting so furious and impatient. The answer was simple; it was because I was not adequately prepared and more importantly I didn’t have any strategy. I kept practicing and changing teams just to win and basically I was not getting any good results.
One good morning, I decided to choose Barcelona as my permanent team. In real life, I’m a fan of Barca…lol. With this team, I was using only Messi to get the goals I wanted and it was not working for me. I kept using Messi because he has a lot of speed in the field. I didn’t have confidence in other Players like Neymar, Suarez and Iniesta. I came up with a strategy to use other players instead of relying on Messi, miracles started happening in the field as I started scoring good goals with Suarez with passes coming from Messi. I felt good within a few days of my new strategy. I was now drawing my games which made me to build momentum. To cut long stories short, I started winning 98% of my games.
1. Don’t start anything without research. Do some research about what you want to do in life. Training and planning would enable you to excel. The Qu’ran talks about we seeking knowledge even in China.
2. Get a good strategy. I’m not saying a perfect strategy. Most of us keeping doing nothing because we are keen on getting a perfect strategy before starting a business or anything. Start and grow a good strategy. My strategy in the game was first to avoid defeats, play draws at the end of every match to enable me create a good balance. My other strategy was to win every match. I played with more teams just to achieve this.
3. Build a strong team. Good teams are a great way of winning in any circles. I stopped using Messi more as the only player in the team and I discovered the potentials of Suarez, Neymar and Iniesta. As a leader, you must learn to understand the potentials of every team member which would help you to use the talents they possess. I used the same team to win my games as I learnt the potentials of more players.
4. Never give up. It’s really difficult when you are starting any journey in life especially at the beginning. You are faced with a lot of challenges and setbacks but never give up in whatever you are doing. I wanted to give up in the game because I was not getting any good results but defeats. I mastered the courage to prove that i could win the games ahead of me. Don’t let your present circumstance to determine your future.
5. Consistency. Successful people are consistent in whatever they are doing. For you to be successful, you need to keep doing what is right with innovation. I used the same team throughout my game experience and the results I got was really awesome. Most of us are not consistent i what we do because we need quick solutions to our problems so we keep moving from place to place.
6. Celebrate little things now. Learn to celebrate and appreciate little things in life. I learnt to celebrate my little wins which eventually made me the best best in terms of my current score lines.

Issah Adil


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