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Kawute Ft.Quata – Shoddy U do all

Kawute Ft.Quata – Shoddy U do all [download]

The CEO of Aim Nation (KAWUTE)has been making waves for so long with his style and genre in music. He has many tracks to his credit, we can talk of Banku n tilapia, Nu year,party tunup,party hard and many others…

He’s signed under Echo Soundz Entertainment and have worked with so many artistes in the north Ghana but this time around he thought of a way to send the North music to the higher height, so a senior artiste known in the showbiz as QUATA BUDUKUSU was collaborated in his(Kawute) new banger titled #SHODI U DO ALL) The concept behind this song
Suggest that as a  key of love is not to try to change the other person, but to try to change ourselves  As we go through life, we learn the qualities necessary to love others: patience,  reliability, honesty, courage, optimism, and appreciation.  Our interactions with our loved ones give us ample opportunity throughout our lives to cultivate these very important qualities in ourselves.

Most of the time, we fail to notice how our loved ones have changed us.  We wait until a person dies or moves away to realize what a big impact they have had on us, how they changed our lives. So the track by Kawute ft Quata says that we should appreciate every ant-size of the love showed to us by our lovers…

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