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People in the upper west region might have heard of that new song which features two of the region’s top and finest artistes: Raphius and Game bwoy. The song “Dunee” while it might be a great song has come with a lot of issues.

There are four people in the middle of “Dunee” controversy. Malik is and up and coming music act who allegedly owns the song. So how does a song owner not end up featuring on his own song? Well, here is a break down.

In an exclusive interview with ECHOSOUNDZ.COM, Yakubu Malik a native of Nyouli, and the alleged originator of the song took the time to share his side of the story. According to Malik, he met with Raphius about a year ago and they both decided to collaborate on a song. The duo then went to the studio of QobraBeatz to record the song. After the preliminary recording, Raphius Amigos and Qobra requested that Malik goes back, rehearse and then to get back to the studio to record, because his part according to them, wasn’t up to profession standards.

Yakubu Malik after perfecting his verse tried contacting Qobra to re-record his verse, as Raphius had already recorded his. Malik claimed that after he trying to no avail to reach Qobra, he forgot about the song.

DJ Koo Fori and Modesta on “The Entertainment Hub” on Radio Upper West last Saturday spoke to Qobra and Gamebwoy to clarify their position on the issue. According to Gamebwoy, he was working with QobraBeatz at the time and so Qobra requested that he feature on the song. Malik denied knowledge of Gamebwoy’s involvement on the song and was surprised when the song was released weeks ago with Gamebwoy on it. Answering the question DJ Koo Fori asked as to how much he was paid, Gamebwoy responded saying that he was not paid a fee but was given a token of appreciation in return for his verse on the song. This was again denied by Malik, as he said he paid neither Raphius nor Gamebwoy for the feature.

A few weeks ago, “Dunee” was released. Raphius and Gamebwoy when contacted expressed total disappointment about the fact that Qobra didn’t have the courtesy to inform them before releasing the song. They both explained that they might have changed some of the lyrics to the song as it was recorded a year ago. Qobra in his defence disclosed that the song was leaked.  Qobra again in his interview with  DJ Koo Fori on Radio Upper West’s Entertainment Hub revealed that he paid Malik for the song, consequently making the song his. Yakubu Malik in his interview with ECHOSOUNDZ.COM vehemently rubbished Qobra’s allegation of paying him for the song. Malik in a sharp twist of events expressed his desire to sell ownership of the song to Qobra, but was counselled against that action by Raphius. Malik further stated that Raphius has proposed a sit-down with Qobra to resolve issues amicably

Now, the questions remain,

Who owns “Dunee?”

Was the song really released or was it leaked as Qobra indicated?

Who paid Gamebwoy for the feature?

Did Qobra pay Malik for the ownership of the song?

ECHOSOUNDZ.COM will stay on the issue and update readers on developments in this area.


Written by: Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith

Facebook: Kwasi Ahumah Smith

Email: nkbodua@gmail.com


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