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Election is an integral part of the democratic process which gives the citizenry the oppor­tunity to freely determine who leads them at every stratum of government at specific periods and take decisions that shape or mar their socio-economic and political destiny.

It also provides opportuni­ty for the citizenry to recall their elected representatives when they fail or vote them out at the next available opportunity

The outcomes of elections in Africa have generally been characterized by disputes, violence and in some cases civil unrest. Undoubtedly, this has affected economic growth and most importantly, denied Africa its place as a major stakeholder in world affairs. Fortunately, since its transition to democratic rule in 1992, Ghana has successfully managed six elections. There is no denying however, that, there were times this status was shaken especially in the years 2008 and 2012 when this country was almost plunged into bedlam. In 2012 for instance, the final results declared were contested at the Supreme Court by the main opposition party and proceedings lasted for almost a year. There were also moments during election periods when tensions escalated but in all, the country came out victorious. This has earned Ghana the admiration of the world and has become a model for Africa and other developing democracies.

This peace project sanctioned by one of the reputable events management company in the Upper West Region is to create awareness in the region on the need to maintain peace and stability before, during and after the elections.

In light of this, a peace song has been composed by the best of artistes in the region with each artiste calling on the various stakeholders to be diligent and neutral in the run up to the December polls. The following artistes OJay Tins, Imoru Ayaana, Kawute, EL Twist, Wiz Malik, Game Boi, Eddy Lee, Smason B, Badingu, Talent, Marweh, Oteniba (OTB) and Sowa. were all selected considering the kind of influence and following they have in the region. These are people who a lot of young people look up to for motivation and history has it that the youth mostly are the target for unscrupulous politicians.

Speaking to the CEO of echosoundzgh (Echo Soundz Entertainment), He said; “We must ensure peaceful elections because when there is peace people will be able to resolve their conflicts without violence and work together to improve the quality of their lives”. Mr. Tuurosuun Nuhu also revealed that Peace strengthens the future of a nation and builds unification.

Plans are in the pipeline to stage the biggest peace tour of the region where the various artiste featured in the peace song would thrill fans to good soothing music brewed from the Upper West Region.

Peaceful elections is not dependent on just one person alone working to ensure peace but a group of individuals with one goal working diligently to ensure a peaceful process before, during and after the elections. However, it will take the activity of an atrocious group or individual to mess up the process because of the ulterior motives they have.

On this peaceful note, we are calling on the various stakeholders Media, Security Agencies, Electoral Commission, Political parties, Civil Society, Judiciary, citizenry and the International community to be neutral and trustworthy in the discharge of their duties before, during and after the December elections.

Echosoundzgh  (Echo Soundz Entertainmen)t is an events and management company based in the Upper West Region of Ghana offering quality and spot on services in the areas of sound engineering, creation of jingles, management of artiste, hiring of sounds, video, editing and many more. They have won numerous awards in the region making them a solid organization to engage in terms of events.


Adil Issah



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