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Music in the Upper West Region has grown bigger and better. In recent years, there have been a lot more versatile and talented young musicians taking over from the older ones like Samson BB, M. I. Makuse and Prince Karim. Currently in there region, there are a lot of rappers, but one that stands out and has been touted as the best rapper is El Twist. ECHOSOUNDZ.COM caught up with El Twist to talk about him and his music.

Elvis Wellu popularly known as El Twist was born in Nandom in the Upper west Region. He attended Nandom Senior High School where he was the head of the entertainment committee and studied Integrated Development Studies at the University for Development Studies, Wa campus. El Twist in the interview with ECHOSUNDZ.COM revealed that growing up; he had always had the passion to do music. He began doing music at a very tender age but started doing music commercially in 20l2 when he released “Dagara Azonto.” Answering the question as to whether the song got the response he anticipated, the rapper started the commercial success of his first hit song was beyond his imagination and that he was completely overwhelmed and inspired to do more. In the course of his approximately 5 years in the music industry, El Twist has released 12 songs. These include songs like Bukom Banku Vrs Ayitey Powers, Ayele Ne Ale, Sawelena, Stolen Goat Saga and 5 Star. In the run up to the December 2016 election, El Twist released a peace song titled “Election Brouhaha” which was produced in Accra by Kin Dee.

A critical look at most of the lyrics of the “Dagara Azonto” hit maker’s songs reveal ample comedy flawlessly blended with hard hitting punch lines and perfectly timed rhymes. Touching on the issue of the comedy in his style of rap, El Twist noted that although most people are of the opinion that his lines are funny, he does not plan for them to turn out that way. “They just come and I write them down and make sure I get them right” the “5 star” hit maker said.

El Twist currently has three awards. In 2015, he won the Echo Sounds Music Awards- Hip-hop song of the year with “Ayele Ne Ale” and the best rapper of the year award. The following year, he won the Prumas Development Song of the year with his “Stolen Goat Saga” song. The “Sawlena” hit maker in a startling revelation disclosed that he hasn’t filed any nominations for the Northern Entertainment Awards because he is not a big fan of awards. “I am not really an awards man, maybe once in a while, cool” he said.

Touching on the number of songs he has released within his 5 year career and whether it is low or not, El Twist argued that whether the number whether being high or low, is relative. “the person might be right or wrong, music is dependent on the perspective and ideology of the composer and what he or she seeks to achieve and the argument about 12 songs being low on the five years could be relative” he argued. El Twist who is a registered member of the MUSIGA, maintained that the regional branch of the institution are doing the best with the little they have when asked if the Union has the interest of musicians in the region at heart. ECHOSOUNDZ.COM sought to know why he worked with Kin Dee in Accra on the song “Election Brouhaha.” El Twist said, “per the nature of the song I envisioned, I thought Kin Dee could do it best.” He explained that it is not because sound engineers in the region are not competent enough as some people speculated. “Our sound engineers are very good, but I am also open to working with various engineers,” he added. Briefly touching on the issue of whether the music industry in the Upper West Region is in the right place at the right time, El Twist said, “it is in the right place at the right time. Growth is a process and the music industry is following it as it is supposed to. Probably, we are where we are because of where and how we started, but we are making progress.” Looking ahead, the 2015 rapper of the year stated the he as an artiste is up for any collaboration with any other artiste who is in top of his game. El Twist named Eminem, Nas, Jaydee and Sarkodie as the rappers he draws his inspiration from. But aside that he enjoys listening to Prince Karim, M. I. Makuse, Typanza, Suntaama, OJ, Santa Bingo, Ras Badingu and Okito.

The “5 Star” hit maker said that when he is not in the studio recording, he loves to watch boxing, wrestling, basketball and football. He added that his favourite amongst them is basketball although he cannot seem to learn to play. “I try, I just can’t get it” he said. El Twist revealed that there is nothing more soothing and relaxing than coming home after a hard day’s work to a nice big bowl of tuo-zaafi. Relieving the craziest experience he has had with a fan, El Twist disclosed that a fan was ready to give out his sister to him. “A fan after meeting me, donated his sister to me as a girlfriend and he was serious about it” he said.

Elvis Wellu in his closing statement revealed that he, together with his management led by Bennett Nakaar is working unremittingly and when all the pieces have been put together, his album will be released.

Written by: Mark Kwasi Ahumah Smith

Facebook: Kwasi Ahumah Smith

Email:  nkbodua@gmail.com

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