Thursday , May 24 2018
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Take a critical look at Elton

Elton [download]

Take a critical look at Elton.
The versatile artist with his uniquely melodious voice yearn for the love of a lady that puts him through hell.
Wiz Malik is just so serious and curiously wants to see whats behind.
Down load and listen to this beautiful concept from this young act be before he looses this Elton of a lady.
As you already know.


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  1. There is one thing you guys overlook….that u don’t sing with passion and you also concentrate on rhymes….if you work on this n some couple of things,trust me you are gona blow up big time..Chase is de name,reppin BTB music..”kii ba bang ma ky3 WA nyima e na nyima ky3 y) giney”

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